The high cost of gas and the rise in popularity of eco-friendly vehicles have caused drivers to look for more fuel-efficient cars. From hybrid models to fully electric vehicles, there are multiple options for drivers to explore. These vehicles offer modern features while helping reduce tailpipe emissions and cutting the cost at the pump. For Middletown drivers, below are the differences between a hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and a fully electric vehicle.

Hybrid Vehicles

A hybrid vehicle pairs one electric motor with a small gasoline engine to offer better gas mileage. These vehicles have one small battery pack generally recharged with stored energy from regenerative braking. The gasoline engine is boosted by the electric motor at lower driving speeds. Although these vehicles are filled up at gas stations, hybrids are more powerful and produce fewer emissions than standard gas-only vehicles.

Plug-in Electric Vehicles or PHEVs

PHEVs are a bridge for drivers around between standard hybrid vehicles and fully electric vehicles near Middletown. These vehicles provide convenient local driving on electric power but feature an integrated gasoline engine for longer trips. PHEVs have a larger battery than standard hybrid vehicles to deliver longer drives on electric power. Most PHEVs can travel up to 40 miles on only electric power. These vehicles have excellent gas mileage even without any electric power. The small battery packs only require level 1 charging on 120-volt outlets.

Fully Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available. These vehicles feature one or two electric motors. Newer fully electric vehicle models offer up to 200 miles of driving on a full charge. Fully electric vehicles feature large battery packs and produce no tailpipe emissions. Most electric vehicles fully charge between eight to ten hours, with level 2 charging on a 240-volt outlet.

If you are interested in learning more about the differences between hybrids and electric vehicles, contact Newburgh Toyota today. Our dealership can help you make the best decision for your daily travels around Middletown.

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