Is Your Toyota Lease Ending Soon? Bring it in to Newburgh Toyota!

If your Toyota lease contract is coming due to end soon you can bring it in to Newburgh Toyota. Our dealership is an authorized Toyota lease return center, even if you originally leased your car from another dealership. If your lease will end in six months or less, we suggest you start the return process. Let us go over your next steps and what to expect when you return in your lease. Newburgh Toyota is conveniently just a half-hour away from Middletown, NY and proudly serving the New Windsor, NY area.

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Option 1

  Many Toyota lessees choose this option as it enables them to upgrade to a new Toyota once every 24 to 48 months or so. When you stick with leasing, you always get to drive in the newest Toyota with the latest technology this brand has to offer. After your lease concludes, if you feel like leasing again, feel free to pick something else out from our latest inventory.

Option 2

Many Toyota lessees find themselves falling in love with their car and recognizing its value in their daily lives. If you've come to enjoy the Toyota you have been leasing, you can choose to buy it or work out a payment plan with our financing center. Our team can tell you how much money is still owed on the vehicle and assess whether cash payment or long-term financing is right for you. Buying your leased Toyota also prevents the hassle of excess mileage or wear-and-tear charges.

Option 3

Some customers might not be in the market for another new lease, or even purchasing another car. Others might want to take their business elsewhere and see what other brands are out there for leasing. No matter your reasons, we can simply end your lease at our dealership and send you on your way, no questions asked.

Option 4

What to Expect When Your Lease Ends

Complimentary Inspection

Before your lease concludes, you have the option of having it inspected by an independent specialist, courtesy of Toyota financial services. This inspection can be performed at your home or workplace in Wappingers Falls, or at our dealership. With a lease-end inspection, there will be no surprises when you turn in your car, in terms of wear-and-ear you might not have previously seen.

Wear-and-Use Guide

Even if you feel confident your vehicle will pass inspection at the lease return, we suggest all drivers refer to the Wear and Use Guidelines available through Toyota Financial Services. This guide will help you assess what is considered acceptable wear and tear, including all dents, dings, gashes, and tire wear.

Early Lease-End Return

We suggest returning your lease on, or 30 days prior to, the maturity date, to avoid any additional financial penalties. The maturity date can be found on your lease contract. If you plan on returning your lease 31 days (or more) prior to the maturation date, contact us first so that we may calculate your early return charges. Exceptions can be granted in the case of military members/their families and deceased customers.

What to Bring with You When You Return your Lease

  • Your lease contract
  • All keys to the car- including masters, spares, fobs, concierge keys, etc.
  • Floor mats (if included in vehicles)
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement, with your signature
  • Owner's manual

Contact us Today

If you still have any further questions about the Toyota lease-end return process, feel free to contact us here at Newburgh Toyota. Otherwise, schedule your lease-end return and inspection today and visit us here on NY-17K in Newburgh, NY to learn more. We are conveniently less than a half-hour outside of Fishkill and proudly serving the Woodbury area. We look forward to working with you!

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