Used car buyers worry about the overall costs of their vehicles, and gas prices factor into the expenses. At Newburgh Toyota, we want shoppers to know our inventory boasts several used fuel-efficient models. Whether you're seeking a sedan, hatchback, SUV, or another model, we think you'll find something that offers excellent fuel economy.

Fuel-Efficient Models

Many things factor into fuel efficiency. Anyone driving underinflated tires may hurt a model's ability to get the most miles per gallon. Some vehicles guzzle gas traveling around because they have ultra-powerful engines. And then there are models designed to consume less fuel when getting you where you want to go. If a vehicle gets 25 or more miles on the highway, expect it to cost less fuel-wise.

City and Hybrid Driving

Of course, not everyone spends all their driving time on the highway. They may commute in city traffic or split their travel time between highway and city driving. Fuel economy could be solid for city driving and city/highway traveling. Both will be less than highway-only driving, but the resulting mpg could be well within the shopper's expectations.

Review the Features

Buyers looking for fuel-efficient models can check the stats and features associated with a particular make, model, and year. Manufacturers provide details about the miles per gallon, and shoppers around Newburgh could review the information to make sure they’re buying a model that meets their budgetary expectations.

Different Engines Affect Gas Mileage

Consumers may discover some models offer a standard engine and the option to purchase the same vehicle with a different engine. Usually, the alternate engine option is a more powerful one. Although the mpg might still be fuel-efficient, a turbocharged engine may get fewer miles per gallon.

Shoppers near Newburgh can run a search of our inventory and narrow selections down based on chosen filters. Find the most fuel-efficient model available among our used car offerings.

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